Bjobj Teenager Skincare

bjobj Teen cosmetic line for face and body is specifically studied for young skin. It is fresh, gentle, soft, with moisturizing and revitalizing properties for your body. The body cream adds a pleasant glow with a shimmering effect on your skin.
A synergy of precious ingredients with balancing effects for your face to prevent the annoying oily effect typical of young skin presenting small impurities.

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bjobj Teen is a cosmetic line rich in vegetable and organic extracts based on a carefully studied and tested formulas to respect and take care of your skin in a natural way.
A gentle and fresh fragrance will cocoon all your body leaving a pleasant sense of freshness and well-being.
All bjobj Teen line products are certified ECO BIO COSMETICS, approved and certified according to LAV specification (Anti-Vivisection League), DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and NICKEL TESTED.