Layering: Only the best for your skin

The layering system was conceived in Asia, more specifically in Japan. The aim of layering was to feed the skin on a daily basis with what is required most. This new-found skincare ritual has caused waves around the globe. But what exactly is layering?

Layering embodies using several skincare products that fulfill their very own function. The individual products are then applied consecutively using a specific order or sequence. Products used are matched to one another and combined in such a way that they optimally complement each other. Thus, layering is more than merely the sum of the components used.

What are the benefits of layering?

  • Small quantities: One only requires a minuscule amount of product.
  • Impressive outcomes: Once the right skincare products are found that perfectly matches the requirements of your skin, the effect that these active ingredients have on the skin is pretty impressive.
  • Comprehensive skincare: A universal moisturiser can never be as valuable and beneficial as any one single product created for a specific purpose. Because layering involves using several cosmetics formulated for a specific purpose, it ensures an all-round, comprehensive skincare ritual.

How does layering work?

The basic principle is rather easy to grasp: Apply one product after the other, working the product into the skin and allowing it to penetrate the skin. Only once a product is fully absorbed by the skin should the next one be applied.

It is crucial to note that the active ingredients contained in the skincare products match one another. A liposoluble cream does not pair well with a hydrophilic lotion. This combination of formulas could lead to a crumbly and streaky effect. Thus, it is essential that the products used are in harmony with each other. This is not to say that they need to stem from the same brand or skincare line.

However, if you are new to the concept of layering, it is advised to stick to one brand before exploring what else is out there.

In which sequence are the products applied?

Layering consists out of 4 phases:

  1. Cleansing — First, cleanse the skin using a mild cleanser that matches your skin types.
  2. Toning — Follow with a toner to remove any soap residues left behind by the cleanser. For this step, you could either opt for a floral water (hydrosol) or an alcohol-free toner. Now the skin is prepped for subsequent cosmetic products.
  3. Regeneration — This is where the active ingredients come into play. Facial serums and eye gels supply the skin with all the active ingredients required.
  4. Tuning — Round off the layering system using a daytime moisturiser, nighttime cream or face oil.

Furthermore, it is recommended to make use of a scrub or a face mask.

IMPORTANT: It is vital to ensure that each product is fully absorbed by the skin before the next product is applied. Impeccable layering care requires the right products. We recommend the following brands:

Whamisa: This natural Korean cosmetic brand allow you to compile your very own layering system that matches the needs of your skin type.

Pure Skin Food: This vegan brand also allows you to set up your own layering system. However, it also offers ready-to-buy skincare sets for various skin types.