What kind of skin do I actually have?

When choosing the correct skin care product, determining one´s skin type is crucial. Only then you are able to adequately care for your skin.

We divide the skin into 4 major groups:

The normal skin

Everyone would want normal skin, but it is actually extremely rare. Normal skin feels like a ripe peach when touching it. It is soft and smooth, with very finely hair, resistant against any outside hostility. It is resistant to the heat, the sun and the cold. It does not tend to stains, has no scaly areas. Normal skin has a balanced sebaceous gland function, and the moisture balance is intact. It has fine pores with a soft shimmer and free of all impurities. A soft and protective care is recommended to maintain its beauty.

The dry skin

It has a very thin, transparent and translucent skin, often prone to burst veins (couperose). It forms partially scales, tends to itchiness since the necessary lipids are lacking. Often, a dry skin is also a sensitive skin. The dry skin lacks fat and a reduced moisture. Due to the reduced barrier (acid protective layer), it is at risk for very strong evaporation of moisture which makes the skin very dry.

A young age this skin type is beautiful to look at, while others deal with pimples and blemishes, dry skin in age unfortunately strongly tends to the formation of wrinkles.

We have our skin type since we are born. However, the skin is irritated also due to external factors. In the sun, one should particularly take care and use a good and high sun protection factor. Also the cold in the winter, especially the temperature differences, strains the skin. Here a cold protection cream is beneficial, like for long walks in the beautiful winter landscape but especially in winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, etc. An ideal companion is make-up. It guards the skin against the cold like a coat. The day cream is like a dress and the makeup is like a coat. Do you like the sauna? Also here, caution is advised. If the skin tends to rosacea, make sure to first cover the tricky and sensitive places, during the infusion keep a washcloth over the face and wash the face well only lukewarm after the sauna.

Rich skin care products prevent further drying out of the skin. Start a diligence care in time. With approximately 35 years we have reached the peak of life, then the rapid aging process begins. Now it is time to use anti-ageing products. No need to fear aging.

The oily skin

Oily skin is prone to excessive production of sebum. Due to this the skin is not only moisturized and kept supple but leads to clogged pores, blackheads and also every now and then to inflammation, which spreads on the back and décolleté. Most teenagers are particularly in their youth very unhappy with their skin when their hormone production is at its peak. It has large pores and is very shiny. However, the oily skin has the advantage of not aging so much as the dry skin.

Proper care: Astringent, mattifying and very light protective products.

Acne: During puberty, it not uncommon to suffer from Acne. This unpleasant skin appearance must be always thoroughly cleaned with much consequence, protected and maintained with anti-inflammatory products.

Combination skin

It is a mixture of two types of skin (dry and oily skin). The T-zone is significant for combination skin. As T-zone, we call the forehead, the nose and the chin. Here, the skin has large pores, is oily and prone to blemishes. Whereas the cheeks tend to dry and partially sensitive skin.

We recommend special gentle creams, which supply the skin with sufficient moisture.