Dispatch & Delivery

Gift Boxes

You would like to send someone special a gift? We are happy to pack your order as a gift!

The order will be placed in a pretty niceshops gift box. Make your gift more personal by adding a greeting card.

The gift box and greeting card are displayed at checkout along with the price. 

The invoice can be sent seperately. This option can also be selected at checkout. 

Shipping Costs?

CountryValue of goods (incl. VAT)Delivery costs (including VAT)
United Kingdomfrom £40.00free delivery
from £20.00£3.50
from £0.00£5.90

If not otherwise stated, the order is delivered from the warehouse Ecco-Verde UK to the delivery address specified by the customer.

If Ecco-Verde UK without fault, isn't able to deliver the ordered goods because a supplier does not fulfill his contractual obligations, Ecco-Verde UK can withdraw from the order. In this case, we will inform the customer immediately.

If a delivery to the customer is not possible because the customer cannot be found at the indicated delivery address, even though the delivery time was announced within a reasonable time to the customer, the customer bears the costs.

CountryValue of goods (incl. VAT)Delivery costs (including VAT)
Andorra, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Monaco, Norway, Romania, San Marino, Vatican Cityfrom £56.52free delivery
from £43.48£5.13
from £26.09£6.87
from £0.00£8.61
Austria, Germany, Sloveniafrom £24.35free delivery
from £0.00£3.04
Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Swedenfrom £39.13free delivery
from £21.74£3.39
from £0.00£6.00
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spainfrom £43.48free delivery
from £26.09£4.26
from £17.39£6.00
from £0.00£8.61
Croatiafrom £38.22free delivery
from £21.36£3.37
from £0.00£5.62
Finlandfrom £47.83free delivery
from £30.44£4.26
from £21.74£6.00
from £0.00£8.61
Hungaryfrom £24.36free delivery
from £0.00£2.68
Italyfrom £37.39free delivery
from £21.74£3.39
from £0.00£5.13
Polandfrom £34.02free delivery
from £22.02£3.38
from £0.00£5.18
Switzerlandfrom £54.30free delivery
from £31.03£3.80
from £15.51£5.35
from £0.00£6.90
United Kingdomfrom £40.00free delivery
from £20.00£3.50
from £0.00£5.90

Duration of delivery

For all European countries (excluding Germany, Austria and Slovenia) the delivery is processed using UPS (United Parcel Service). When the order is placed before 1 pm and the ordered products are in stock, the order will be processed on the same day. Usually the delivery o European countries takes 3 - 7 working days (excluding weekends and holidays)*. The package can be tracked using the tracking number sent to you via email. Tracking the package can commence approximately 24 hours after receiving the confirmation of dispatch email.

International orders may take up to 21 working days to reach its destination, given there are no unforeseen delays. 

*When an order is processed and shipped on a Friday, the package will be delivered during the course of the following week only. No deliveries on weekends and holidays.

NOTE: The availability of each product is indicated on the product page and the estimated shipping date of an order is displayed in the shopping cart, as well as in the order confirmation email sent to you. Once the parcel is shipped, you will receive an email detailing the confirmation of dispatch and stating the tracking number required for tracking the location of your package.

The follow link facilitates in estimating the cost and time of your delivery: UPS Cost & Time

The company is closed on weekends and on the following Austrian Public Holidays: January 1 (New Year), January 6 (Epiphany), Easter Monday, May 1 (Labour Day), May 14 (Ascension Day), May 16th (Whit Monday), June 4 (Corpus Christi), August 15 (Assumption of Mary), 26 October (Austrian National Holiday), November 1 (All Saints' Day), December 8 (Immaculate Conception), December 25 (Christmas Day), December 26 (St. Stefan's Day).
Any orders place on these days will be processed on the following working day!

Please contact the corresponding shipping provider (POST, UPS & DHL) regarding troubleshoot or location and tracking of packages.

Should you experience any further difficulties and require assistance, please feel free to contact us at:
E-Mail: uk@ecco-verde.com

Express Delivery

With our logistic partner UPS we offer Express Delivery in addition to the Standard Delivery via UPS. Products that are in stock and are ordered before 1 pm (CET) can be dispatched with Express Delivery at your request. Express Delivery to all European cities take between 1-2 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays)* to reach their destination! You can find the option for Express Delivery in the order process. The additional cost for Express Delivery is calculated at checkout and is currently available for our customers in the European Union.

*When an order is processed and shipped on a Friday, it will be delivered during the course of the following week. No deliveries are made weekends and public holidays.

NOTE: The availability of each product is indicated on the product page and the estimated shipping date of an order is displayed in the shopping cart, as well as in the order confirmation email. Once the parcel ships a dispatch email will be sent containing the package tracking number. The tracking number can be used to follow the tracking progress of your package. 

Products that are not in stock when the order is placed will be dispatched using Express Delivery once in stock again. 

The follow link facilitates in estimating the cost and time of your delivery: UPS Cost & Time

The company is closed on weekends and on the following Austrian Public Holidays:

New Year's Day 
Easter Monday
Labour Day
Ascension Day 
Whit Monday 
Corpus Christi 
Assumption of Mary 
National Day 
All Saints' Day 
Immaculate Conception
Christmas Day 
St. Stephan's Day 


Where is my package?

For more information about the location of your package, please use the tracking information. However, on occasion, this information may be unavailable. 

The package has disappeared. What can I do?

If the package not arrived after several days and it hasn't been dropped off at a neighbour? In this case please contact us and we will check the whereabouts of your package and, where appropriate, issue a tracking order. We will notify you if another shippment is necessary.

You were unavailable to receive your package?

In this case, there are several possibilities: either there will make another delivery attempt, or you will receive a notification that your package has been placed at the nearest post office. Refer to the tracking information in this case and you will quickly find where your package is currently located.

Take the opportunity of the alternate delivery address. This way, you can have your package delivered to your place of work as well.

I will not be home on the day of delivery

Have you read the status of your order and the UPS website states that the parcel will be delivered when you are not home? No problem! Please call the UPS Customer Service and change the date and time of the delivery. 

UPS Austria:  0810-006630 * *(0,068 cents/call)
UPS Website: www.ups.com
Please search for the Customer Service Hotline on their website.

Delivery to Switzerland

Deliveries to Switzerland are sent by standard mail. Any extra costs that may occur is covered by us, i.e. customs duties and import tax. 


If Switzerland is indicated as the country of delivery, the prices in your shopping cart will include VAT. After completing your purchase, no additional costs for customs or import duty will occur.

Customs clearance:

We will cover the custom's costs for your order. The custom's base fee is 11.50 CHF, and the additional surtax (3% of the taxable value of the goods) is no longer incurred by the customer. This offers our customers in Switzerland a price advantage.

Our packaging

We are consious about the environment - why not do the same?

The filler material contained in our packaging is 100% biodegradable - suitable for composting. Go green!

Our boxes are produced using cardboard and is recyclable.

Products that are contained in glass packaging is wrapped in a padding sheet to help protect them from breakage.

Tip: All our Nice shops are labelled on our packaging.

I received a damaged package!

We ship your package in cartons of NiceShops as seen on the picture. The package is filled with organic corn chips (ideal for composting) to avoid any damages which may occur during transportation.

Unfortunately during transport certain incidents may happen, so the package gets damaged. In such cases, we ask you not to accept the obviously damaged parcel or only with reservation. By accepting and signing for the withdrawal of a package obviously tampered with, the customer assumes full responsability for the content.
NiceShops will not take responsability for damaged packages by the courier or other companies.

In the event of an accepted package, please send immediatly an email to customer service attaching a foto of the package and the damaged products. Our operators will evaluate the conditions for a full or partially refund by voucher for your next purchase.

Isothermal packaging

During the summer months, products that are heat-sensitive are dipatched using isothermal packaging. Products that are declared as "refrigerated goods" are automatically dispatched in a cooler. It is not possible to undo this option.

The isothermal packaging is composed of extruded polystyrene that is coated in aluminium and has a thickness of 5 mm.

The packaging can be disposed of using the yellow bag suitable for plastic & light packaging.

An additional fee of  € 4,90 is calculated to the delivery costs.