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Authentic Ayurvedic hair & skincare

Beauty by Balance – because well-nourished hair is beautiful hair! Khadi® combines Ayurvedic natural science know-how with beauty care and is based on the latest natural cosmetic findings. In addition to herbal hair dyes, Khadi® also develops high-quality products for hair, body and face, the uniqueness of which is based on combinations of traditional formulas, hand-picked herbs and highly concentrated plant extracts - the so-called Khadi® elixirs. Traditionally, these are gently boiled and stirred until the effects of the selected plants unfold.

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      The market-leading Khadi® herbal hair dyes with the Ayurvedic Care Complex - 100% permanent herbal dyes that provide excellent grey-hair coverage and intensive care. Khadi® meets the demand for beauty and holistic well-being.


      • handpicked Indian herbs and plants
      • authentic Ayurvedic formulas and manufacturing processes
      • only natural ingredients are used
      • free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones
      • free from synthetic dyes and fragrances
      • in harmony with man and nature
      • protection of species and not tested on animals
      • fair working conditions