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Natural cosmetics made in Italy

Antos was founded during the 90s on the hills of Monferrato. The cosmetic compositions are infused with herbal extracts and natural ingredients according to simple yet effective formulas. The Antos philosophy entails providing pure products with creative and fresh formulas containing only a few essential ingredients. The use of preservatives are drastically reduced and outer packaging materials are foregone.

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Antos uses raw materials certified or qualified by ECOCERT as well as medicinal herbs sourced form controlled organic agriculture.

Antos products are made in Italy and are:

  • Simple: only a few, effective ingredients are used
  • Creative: in regarding to the natural ingredient blends
  • Essential: with reduced packaging
  • Fresh: the cosmetic formulas contain minimal preservatives giving the formulas the highest possible degree of freshness!
  • The fragrances selected by Antos are non-allergenic and certified by IFRA. They are approved according to the standards of, e.g. ICEA and AIAB, and have been selected based on the skin-friendliness.

Generally, Antos uses no more than 0.1 - 0.3% in fragrant substances (the quantities are specified on the product safety data sheets). The perfume substances do not pose a negative effect on the skin's balance or the environment, and are synthetic blends that mainly stem from essential oils. They meet the standards that prohibit the use of potential allergenic substances.