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Antos was established in the 1990s in the hills of Monferrato. The cosmetics are crafted with herbal extracts and natural ingredients based on simple yet effective recipes. Antos' philosophy is to provide authentic products with creative, fresh formulations containing only essential ingredients and minimising the use of preservatives. Additionally, they do not use outer packaging. Antos uses raw materials that are certified or approved by ECOCERT and herbs from controlled organic cultivation.

Antos selects non-allergenic fragrances that are certified as such by the IFRA. These fragrances are also approved according to the standards of organizations like ICEA and AIAB, and they have been carefully chosen for their skin compatibility. Additionally, the products only contain small amounts, with a maximum of 1% or less.

Antos typically adds no more than 0.1-0.3% fragrance to its products, as specified in the fragrance safety data sheets. These fragrances, which are synthesized blends derived mainly from the processing of essential oils, have no negative impact on skin balance or the environment. They comply with standards that prohibit the use of potentially allergenic substances.