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A drop of nature

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Only the best raw materials nature has to offer are utilised: Plants, herbs and essential oils from controlled organic cultivation and certified harvesting in the wild. Supplemented by the own well water from deep beneath the Black Forest, Tautropfen combines nature's best into light, fresh emulsions, rich creams and luscious body care products. At the same time Tautropfen abstains from using source materials from animals that have to be killed to obtain them. Protection of human habitats and endangered animal and plant species is a particular concern of Tautropfen. That's the reason TAUTROPFEN – a drop of paradise supports environmental programs and socio-ecological projects around the globe.

Tautropfen has rediscovered ancient beauty rituals and secrets from every continent on Earth. Immerse yourself in TAUTROPFEN - a drop of paradise's sensuous body care worlds, and join Tautropfen on a unique journey of the senses to distant lands.

The ultimate experience in natural cosmetics.