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Thanks to many years of research, alva Naturkosmetik has gathered a repertoire of knowledge and know-how. The passionate approach to science and accompanying efforts toward improving high-quality products lead to further advancement in the research. This results in exceptional products and setting standards in effectiveness, results, safety and environmentally friendly sustainability for humans, animals and the environment.

Only the finest ingredients from mainly certified organic agriculture or wild collection are used for the production of these products. Unrefined oils are used as far as possible to maintain all the essential ingredients. The pure nature of the raw materials allows the skin to best absorb their goodness, which in turn regenerates and normalizes the skin's functions. Alca NAtural Cosmetics is aimed towards restoring the health and natural beauty. Furthermore, the products based on natural ingredients are non-comedogenic.

From the development of care products through to the process of production, the research team is in constant interaction with dermatological and university organizations, experienced doctors and academic experts to guarantee the best possible effectiveness and tolerability.

alva products are ECOCERT certified and to a large extent recommended by PETA.

The alva products are free from:

  • parabens
  • mineral oils and paraffin
  • laureth and lauryl ether sulfate surfactants
  • synthetic perfume fixatives
  • animal experiments