ccpb Certified Cosmetics

CCPB is a certificate that stands for the careful checking of the ingredients in food, textiles, household items and cosmetics.

A distinction is made between two labels:

  • Cosmetici Biologici (organic cosmetics)
  • Cosmetici Naturali

Here are the main standards that must be adhered to for both labels:

  • At least 95% of the ingredients must be of natural origin.
  • For processed products of natural origin, only well-defined procedures can be applied.
  • Synthesized products are well defined on the basis of a positive list.
  • The certification must be clear and easy to find on the product, the word "natural" must not be used to mislead the consumer. Moreover, use-by date and the name and address of the manufacturer on the packaging must be recognizable. Other formal rules for the labeling of the product must be respected in order to guarantee maximum transparency for the consumer.
  • The origin and transport routes of the raw materials used must be documented and verified.
  • Product packaging must be kept as low as possible and be recyclable wherever possible. In addition, certain hygiene standards must be respected.
  • Radioactive irradiation of products and use of GMOs is prohibited.
  • Animal ingredients are allowed only if no animals suffer in their procurement. The label Cosmetici Biologici is also subject to other regulations and must include a certain percentage of organic ingredients.

More details can be found on the CCPB website.

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