Balloon Plant

Cardiospermum Helicacabum Flower/leaf/vine Extract

This herbaceous climbing plant stems from the Sapindoideae family and grows in the tropics and subtropics and has balloon-like fruit that contain its seeds. Today, the balloon plant is also cultivated in Europe and is used in homoeopathy for the treatment of dermatitis and eczema. It has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being effective against redness and itchiness. Loss of moisture in the skin is also minimized. It is also well tolerated and is recommended for people who suffer from eczema, neurodermatitis and inflamed skin.

Cosmetic properties:

  • strongly anti-inflammatory
  • effective against redness & itchiness
  • protects the skin from moisture loss
  • ideal for skin prone to eczema, neurodermatitis and inflamed skin

see Heike Käser 2010, "Naturkosmetische Rohstoffe", Linz, Verlag Freya, 3. Edition 2012

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