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Inge Stamm, the founder of i+m Naturkosmetik Berlin, was a trained pharmacist, midwife, and naturopath. She believed that the purest and highest quality herbal ingredients were the best for people. In 1978, she established i+m Naturkosmetik Berlin, which became one of the pioneer companies in the natural cosmetics sector. With a lot of idealism and conviction, the brand developed from niche products to a successful, politically active company with a wide range of products. This happened at a time when sustainability and natural, high-quality cosmetics made from organically grown raw materials were not common.

It is crucial to ensure that all natural resources, especially those sourced from countries where exploitation is rampant, are justly compensated. This should also encompass other social responsibilities, such as establishing a women's shelter in Zambia and various projects both locally and internationally.