VERDESATIVA - Organic Cosmetics Made in Italy

VERDESATIVA - Organic Cosmetics Made in Italy

VERDESATIVA produces vegan, natural cosmetics based on hemp oil. The range includes products suitable for the entire body as well as a collection designed for pets.


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VERDESATIVA cosmetics carry the Vegan Society seal of approval and do not contain irritants, harmful substances or ingredients that may cause allergies. All raw materials, as well as the materials used for packaging, is selected based on their compostability.

VERDESATIVA guarantees the use of:

  • pure hemp oil
  • pure essential oils
  • plant-based active ingredients in botanical glycerin
  • pure, skin-mild tensides
  • preservatives in food quality
  • botanical raw materials
  • substances and production processes that have a low environmental impact
  • biodegradable surfactants
  • cruelty-free components
  • vegan ingredients