Shaving: How to Keep Smooth

The clean shave has been the preferred look for the majority of men throughout history. In recent years though, individual beard trends have fought the clean shave for its #1 spot, but have yet to defeat the champion. Considering that a clean shave is so popular, one should note that it is important to shave correctly.

If you look at the numbers, you'll be amazed. A man spends an average of 3,000 hours shaving. He shaves approximately 800 meters of hair from his face.

When it comes to shaving, men are usually divided into two camps regarding their tools. Around 60 percent prefer shaving with a wet razor. It is more thorough than a dry razor and has been the preferred method for centuries. Nevertheless, 40 percent use an electric razor. In addition to the convenience, reduced time needed to shave, and health aspects, many reasons are considered in this choice. Additionally, some men really just don't like to shave.

Things to keep in mind for a wet shave

It all starts with cleansing. Thoroughly clean, grease-free skin is the best foundation to begin shaving.

Next, choose your soap. Your soap of choice makes a big difference. Whether you use shaving cream, gel or oil, personal preference and skin type play a large role in your choice. If using foam, apply it as thick as a finger, and let it sit on your face for three minutes before shaving. It is important not to skimp on foam. Otherwise, the risk of injury increases. If your shaving cream isn't foamy enough, you can get a shaving brush to help.

Next, guide your blade with slight pressure. Shave against the direction of hair growth for better results. For sensitive skin, this is not recommended, as it may cause irritation.

An aftershave is crucial to the shaving experience. After shaving, the skin is irritated and needs care. Otherwise, you'll experience an unpleasant razor burn. This can have various causes. Using too much pressure, shaving with disposable razors or choosing the incorrect ingredients are the most common reasons that your skin is irritated after shaving. To avoid razor burn, you can always shave the hair in the direction of growth.