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Cose della Natura is true to its name and offers high-quality skincare accessories composed from natural materials - from sponges to wooden brushes.
100% natural - 100% well-being.


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Nature is quality, quality is good living! Cose della Natura offers quality products that improve your lifestyle!

In 2001 their business expanded to include the supply of some other natural products, such as loofahs, ramies, sisals, beauty care sets and wooden items. In short, their business currently focuses on two areas: firstly, the supply of natural sea sponges for bath, beauty, cosmetics, crafts, decorative industries and artistic design, and secondly in the supply of other natural beauty care items to improve daily life.

Cose della Natura is a company based in Milan, Italy, and it was established in 1996. Their core business consists of natural sea sponges. Their experience and ability to prepare and process natural sea sponges can be matched by only a handful of other companies worldwide.