Curly Girl Method with Natural Cosmetics

Curly Girl Method with Natural Cosmetics

Accentuate and show off your curls with the help of the Curly Girl Method. And, natural cosmetics are the perfect partners in crime.

Beautiful, resilient and healthy-looking curls are not easy to achieve. Curls tend to appear dry and limp. The Curly Girl Method is one way to address this problem. It focuses on taking the best care of natural curls to boost and preserve curly textures.

The goal is to achieve shiny and bouncy curls without the use of hair-damaging ingredients - the perfect time to incorporate natural cosmetics into your curly hair routine.


The Curly Girl method was developed by hair stylist Lorraine Massey in 2001 with the launch of her book: "Curly Girl: The Handbook" - several similar versions of this concept were available before the book was released. The book quickly became a bestseller.

Who is this method suitable for?

The Curly Girl Method is suitable for all curl textures, particularly textured curls and coily hair. The latter are curls that are susceptible to sensitivity and require special care. People with wavy hair can also benefit from this method.

If you stick to the method, or variations of it that are adapted to your hair type and style, it ensures healthy-looking, beautiful and flowing curls.

Why follow the Curly Girl Method?

For most people, hair care routines develop automatically over time without giving it too much thought. But, the routines that we become accustomed to may have a harmful effect on our hair. This method is a great guideline for people with curly textures,

Things to avoid

There are a few things to be mindful of to ensure strong, healthy-looking curls. According to the Curly Girl method, these are:

  • shampoo
  • heat
  • combs and brushes for dry hair
  • perfume
  • sulphates
  • silicones
  • alcohol

5 steps to luscious curls

The Curly Girl Method focuses on providing natural curls with maximum care. The first step is to restore the natural state of the hair, i.e. getting rid of all silicone residues, product buildup, etc. Do not be alarmed: the hair may appear brittle and damaged at first and it takes time for it to restore a natural protective layer.

There are 3 fundamental steps to follow thereafter:

Shampoo is forgone in its entirety and replaced by a conditioner that preserves the moisture levels of the hair. Simply massage the conditioner onto the scalp then rinse it out with cold water.

Nourishment and care
Follow up with a nourishing shampoo to supply the hair with nutrients before detangling it. Important: never detangle the hair in a dry state. Rinse the conditioner out again with cold water after detangling the hair.

Drying and styling
Begin layering your preferred styling products while the hair is still damp using anything from leave-in conditioners to styling gel. Simply work the products into the hair. This provides added definition.
Dry the hair by wrapping it in an old cotton t-shirt, towel or microfibre towel and allow it to dry. Alternatively, you can also allow your hair to dry naturally. Important to note: never run your fingers through the curls or apply heat.

Which products are Curly-Girl approved?

ESSERE COw Cane Sugar & Cornflower Co-Wash Conditioner: this cleansing conditioner is a low-poo cleanser that doubles as a nourishing conditioner.

URTEKRAM Nordic Berries Conditioner: a nourishing conditioner that moisturises damaged hair and regenerates it.

Domus Olea Toscana UNDICI 3in1 Mask: the mask supplies the hair with moisture, protects it against dryness and tames it.

Gyada Cosmetics Curl Styling Cream: this styling cream is specially developed for curly hair and doubles as a leave-in product.

Biofficina Toscana Defining Curl Shaping Lotion: styles and protects the hair against oxidative stress whilst shielding it against the effects of sunlight and saltwater.

Hands on Veggies Leave-In Conditioner for Curly Hair: an organic, bamboo-infused conditioner for added bounce and silky shine.

Gyada Cosmetics Curl Sculpting Fluid Gel Defining Curl: tames unruly curls, boosts shine and provides an anti-frizz effect.