Natural Cosmetics Tips 101

Natural Cosmetics Tips 101

More and more people are switching from conventional cosmetics to their natural counterparts. Naturally, some questions will arise as to how to best go about going green, and we have the answers for you. 

Is the switch worthwhile? 

We are convinced that switching to natural cosmetics is not only good for our health but also the sustainability of our beautiful environment. It has become more apparent over the years that natural cosmetics has become more popular, by the mere fact that natural products are now not only available in organic stores, but also in local supermarkets. Moreover, natural cosmetics is also available in all price classes. 

What are the benefits and downsides? 

Natural cosmetics forgoes the use of numerous dubious substances, including: 

  • mineral oils 
  • silicone 
  • parabens 
  • PEG & other emulsifiers. 

Another upside is that natural cosmetics is not tested on animals and the production often occurs under fair conditions. The products themselves contain natural substances in concentrations that have been proven effective. 

One needs to remember that natural cosmetics is a fairly new concept and therefore is not able to provide the customer with products that they may be accustomed to. For instance, an effective formula for waterproof mascara has not yet been created. Because only substances in their natural form are being used, the expiry date of these products is not able to hold its own as compared to conventional counterparts. It is also important to note that also natural substances may cause allergic reactions. 

That being said, when the switch is made from conventional cosmetics to a more natural form, skin irritations may occur in the first few weeks as the skin needs to adapt to the new active ingredients that make up these products. But do not fret, the skin will subside after approximately 6 weeks. 

What to note when making the switch? 

As previously mentioned the skin and hair need to adjust to natural products and it may take a few weeks before they are able to benefit from the effective and goodness that is green beauty. It is important to takes small steps to better help the skin, hair and the like adjust to the new substances its being confronted with. Generally, natural cosmetics is well tolerated and benefits the skin. We do, however, advise having your self tested for allergies, to minimise the risk of any reactions. 

Is organic really organic? 

Unfortunately, the term "natural cosmetics" has not been defined legally. Therefore, natural cosmetics may have an array of labels such as plant-based cosmetics, green beauty or organic cosmetics. 

Ecco Verde only carries products that have certifications (or fulfil the same standards). When you next shop, keep your eyes out for natural cosmetic seals of approval or certifications such as NaTrue, EcoCert and BDIH. 

The raw materials used are sourced for certified natural substances, such as fats, oils, fragrances, waxes or colourants from natural origin. Substances derived from animals are only used, if at all, with limitations. 

The substances that are off limits are paraffins, silicone, radio activity and of course it is forbidden to test the products on animals. 

Is all natural cosmetic products automatically vegan? 

Vegan products are free from substances obtained from animals. However, this does not mean that the substances contained in vegan cosmetics are automatically of natural origin. It so happens that synthetic substances do not originate from animals. 

We cannot stress enough how reading labels and doing your research when it comes to the world of natural cosmetics will help you make an informed decision. And if you are in doubt, simply drop us a line!