Honey - The Miracle Ingredient

Honey - The Miracle Ingredient

The knowledge about the healing powers of honey is ancient. Why is honey considered healthy? The secret lies in its ingredients.

The production of one kilogram of honey takes a single bee seven times to circle the Earth. It is both a source of food and energy, especially during winter. Humans reap both the nutritional and additional benefits that honey has to offer. 

The ancient Egyptians were aware of the curative effects of honey for thousands of years. Even Hippocrates, the famous physician of antiquity, used the antipyretic effect of honey for the treatment external wounds.

Countless studies have repeatedly demonstrated what has been known for centuries: The effectiveness of honey supports the natural healing processes of the body.

How in Cosmetics?

It prevents bacterial growth, by killing bacteria through water extraction. For this purpose, the glucose oxidase enzyme that is present in honey is converted into hydrogen peroxide, which has disinfecting properties, by the body. More healthy ingredients such as calcium, iron and magnesium boost the immune system.

The unique combination of ingredients that are found in nectar, dew, pollen and the bees themselves, is the true secret.

Honey consists largely of fructose and glucose, and approximately 15-23% of water. In addition, it is also composed of about 2% enzymes. These protein compounds are effective against bacteria. They are produced by the bees themselves, which also helps in preserving it.

Due to its excellent properties, honey shows outstanding effects when incorporated in cosmetic items. It promotes healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, maintaining a soft touch. In the facial skincare products, honey is used especially for stressed, sensitive and dry skin. In shampoos, the ingredients contained in honey have a calming effect on an irritated and dry scalp.

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