Facial Care Tips for Men

In the past, all a real man needed for whole body care was a bar of soap. Well, those days are gone. Today, more and more men attach great importance to a well-groomed, fresh appearance. To achieve this, men need more than just that trusty bar of soap.

However, this is not to say that all men need to do is to borrow care products from women. This doesn't work because men have different skin than women. Men's skin is one-fifth thicker than women's skin, which is why it is less sensitive to different temperatures or other influences. Men's thick skin also has a better moisture balance. Feminine care products therefore usually have too high of a fat content.

As a man, you don't need an arsenal of toiletries if you want to take good care of your skin. A few products that are consistently applied are entirely sufficient.

What a Man Needs:

Cleansing gel or cream

Once a day, the face should be washed with a mild cleanser. This should be as neutral pH as possible and should also keep the skin from drying out. Therefore, shower gel is not at all suitable for facial cleansing. If you use shower gel, your skin will get extremely dry, which can be irritating.


Since men's skin is thicker than women's and produces more sebum, it requires no moisturizer. In winter, however, moisturizer is a good idea because the cold weather and the dry air of heated rooms cause the skin to lose a lot of moisture. There are fast-absorbing, refreshing creams that can care for your skin.


Once a week, a scrub should be used. The coarse particles in the peeling remove the top layer of skin. This prevents blemishes and supports the skin's regeneration. In addition, the skin's structure becomes finer.


Using an aftershave product post shaving is recommended. The skin is soothed and irritation is avoided. Basically, mild, revitalizing and refreshing products are best. Here, however, you should find out what best suits your skin type. Find more tips here.

Anti-wrinkle creams

Because men's skin is thicker, they get wrinkles later in life than women do. Nevertheless, men do get wrinkles sooner or later. If you want to prevent wrinkles, use anti-wrinkle products. They can't prevent wrinkles entirely but can delay them.