Persea Gratissima Oil Unsaponifiables

This raw material consists of avocado oil and approx. 25% unsaponifiable ingredients. Avocadin contains skin-related lipids, that execute important functions in the skin. The natural protective layer of the skin is maintained and moisture is retained. Dry, damaged, sun damaged or skin prone to neurodermatitis is regenerated and restructured. Patches of eczema are able to heal. Mature skin also benefits from these versatile capabilities. Phytosterols contained in avocado are mainly responsible for these characteristics. Avocadin is highly nourishing, soothing and healing, which makes it a high-quality ingredient that can be used as an emulsifier in skin care products.

see Heike Käser 2010, "Naturkosmetische Rohstoffe", Linz, Verlag Freya, 3. Edition 2012

Products with Avocadin