Sun Protection - Do Good by your Skin

Sun Protection - Do Good by your Skin

It's summer again. Time to enjoy the outdoors and soak in some vitamin D. Enjoy worry-free fun in the sun by ensuring that your skin, and that of your loved ones, is protected against the adverse effects of sun rays.

Select a suitable sunscreen that matches the needs of your skin type. The higher the sun protective factor, the better for your skin. Sunscreen is best applied prior to venturing outdoors. For the face, we recommend the eco cosmetics SPF 30 Sun Gel or Biosolis Face Cream SPF 30. If you are planning on splashing about in a swimming pool or the like, a waterproof version such as the EQ Evoa Sun Sticks is a great choice. These are also suitable for winter sports as it protects the skin with precious oils.

At Ecco Verde, we stock more than 120 different kinds of sunscreens for the body - suitable for all activities and skin types. These can be found here.

Oftentimes, we have a tendency to forget about protecting the lips - until it's too late. The delicate skin of the lips is very sensitive and requires special protection. HURRAW! Organic Lip Balms with SPF 15 are ideal as they are infused with protective organic oils.

The delicate skin of children should be protected at all costs as the skin's natural ability to shield itself is not yet fully developed. Also, like with adult skin, it is imperative to select a sunscreen with a high protection factor. We recommend the Biosolis Kids Sun Milk and the eco cosmetics Baby & Kids Suncream.

Once the skin is taken care of, we can focus on protecting the hair with the help of headgear. Caps and hats are essential, yes, but extra protection can be found in hair oils. Here is a special selection of sun oils that protect the hair as well.

Apply and repeat! The skin is the body's largest organ. Any damage done is often visible as we age: age spots, wrinkles and pigmentary abnormalities are often a result of sun-related damage. It is therefore vital to reapply sunscreen regularly.

The sun strains and dries out the skin even when it is protected against UV rays. Use a highly moisturising and nourishing cream at the end of the day to prevent wrinkles caused by dryness. Aloe vera is a fantastic option and is packed with actives that soothe and hydrate the skin. These days, many after-sun products have aloe vera incorporated into their formulas. Explore our range here.

That being said, enjoy the outdoors and have a fulfilled summer!