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Avril, launched in April 2012, emerged with a noble mission: to make high-quality cosmetics accessible to every woman. Central to its ethos are four pillars: quality, environmental protection, affordability, and service excellence. Each Avril product proudly bears the prestigious ECOCERT certification, assuring consumers that at least 95% of its plant-based ingredients are organically sourced and controlled. Furthermore, Avril adamantly opposes animal testing, a commitment extending from raw materials to the final product.

Avril upholds exacting standards, ensuring vivid colours, pleasing textures, delicate yet refreshing fragrances, and enduring finishes. Rigorous safety tests and stability studies govern each product's journey, from inception to application. The meticulous scrutiny of raw materials and final products, coupled with transparent ingredient sourcing, guarantees an unparalleled end result. Demonstrating a steadfast dedication to environmental preservation, Avril minimises excess packaging whenever possible. Embracing bulk packaging reduces plastic usage, lessens weight, and diminishes waste—a testament to their eco-conscious ethos.

Above all, Avril is unwavering in its commitment to affordability without compromising quality. By forgoing unnecessary expenses such as lavish packaging and extensive advertising, Avril ensures that women can indulge in premium organic cosmetics at accessible prices year-round. In championing simplicity, Avril delivers exceptional value and empowers women to embrace their beauty with confidence.