Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

It's simply impractical to schlep our entire beauty arsenal along when travelling. Of course the size of your beauty travel kit depends on how long you will be travelling for. As much as most of us enjoy discovering new places, travel does take a toll on the body and mind which is then reflected on the skin. Even so, having the proper skincare buddies at hand will ensure you're looking fresh and relaxed no matter what.

Face & Eye Masks

Long-distance travel often causes havoc in our sleeping patterns - sitting in an aircraft for long periods of time becomes uncomfortable, the constant background buzz of the other passengers become increasing annoying and the artificial lighting can be blinding. Dark circles and swollen eyes are what you can expect to wake up to the next morning. Eye masks come in handy as they provide the delicate skin with intensive moisture and essential nutrients. Aloe vera and caffeine are two components that benefit the skin in this regard. Alternatively, pack on a face mask too for an all-over freshness and moisture boost for a fresher looking and feeling visage.

Eye Creams & Serums

Eye creams are rich formulas that nourish the skin around the eyes. They contain actives that stimulate blood flow and brighten any darker areas. Redness is kept at a minimum and drier patched are soothed and nourished. Be sure to opt for formulas that contain caffeine as these are the most beneficial.
Travel can be gruelling which can make the skin appear strained, dull and lacklustre. Eye serums provide an instant boost of hydration and freshness restoring a glowing appearance when needed most.

Sun Protection

It goes without saying that one should never, ever leave the house without sun protection let alone travelling without it. Sun exposure can be detrimental for the skin and leads to premature skin aging.

Travel Make-up Bits

Let's be honest, no one wants to be dragging a gigantic make-up bag around on any trip. It's annoying and simply impractical. But, neither do we want to be completely bare-faced either. Our tip is to have 2-in-1 products at hand such as cream eyeshadows that double as a rouge or lip tint. Of course, there are make-up bits that simply must be included.

Concealers are ideal at camouflaging redness and spots and can brighten up dull-looking skin. Mascara is an true beauty companion that opens up the eyes and lends them a sultry appearance as do eyeliners. Bronzer is another essential that can lend the complexion an instant glow sun-kissed glow and highlighter accentuates the make-up look.