Cose della Natura Natural Sponges

Cose della Natura Natural Sponges

First-choice skincare tools

What exactly are natural sponges?

There are many bath, body and face sponges used for beauty purposes on the market today. Most of them are man-made, i.e. synthetically produced. However, natural sponges with their numerous advantages, shapes and characteristic properties outweigh the synthetic counterparts. Natural sponges have been used as skincare tools for centuries, if not millennia. They are not obtained from the elastic, absorbent skeletons of the Spongia officinalis and its relatives - these are multi-porous sea creatures. Most sponges are somewhat similar to corals and are grown in so-called sponge banks at a depth of up to 40 meters. The best and softest sponges are sourced from the Mediterranean.

Sponges are considered sustainable products because they grow back after they have been picked. When the sponges are collected, the divers take care to preserve the base of the sponge. This sets a natural reproduction in motions and allows the sponges to grow back to their original size within a few years; often bigger and healthier than before. Studies show that areas of harvesting increase their density of sponges.

Cose della Natura natural sponges are sourced from the Mediterranean, in the Adriatic Sea in particular, and are harvested there with the greatest possible care and caution because it is in the brand's greatest interest to ensure the long-term sustainability of the sea sponges in their natural environment.

Why natural sponges are the best choice for skin cleansing

Compared to other cleansing tools, sponges have natural antiseptics properties - neither mould nor bacteria can develop as long as it is rinsed well after each use. It also contains iodine and sea salt, which offer natural benefits and have a detoxifying effect. Its unique texture allows a thorough, pore-refining cleanse as well as a gentle mechanical peeling at the same time which does not irritate the skin. In addition, the sponges are hypoallergenic and yet extremely resistant.

What can a natural sponge be used for?

  • make-up removal for the face and eyes
  • daily facial cleansing
  • removal of masks, scrubs and other care products
  • applying toner and tonics
  • massage and gentle exfoliation of the skin

Sponges sourced from the ocean are easy to clean because they have a system of inner micro-channels that is more or less self-cleaning and cannot be reproduced. This means that the sponge is basically good as new with each use. Thanks to its suppleness and its properties, which keep it unchanged over time, the natural sponge is also ideal for skin types with special needs, such as sensitivity, atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis or eczema.

Why use a Cose della Natura sponge?

The use of skin-cleansing tools is considered fundamental for a healthy and beautiful complexion. Dirt particles cannot be effective enough by only using the hands. Proper cleansing methods is the first step towards healthy skin. Even the best skincare products cannot be absorbed as they should if the skin is insufficiently cleansed making them less effective.

Types of sponges and how to tell them apart

There are four types of sponge based on two criteria:

1. Size of the pores:

  • fine-pored sponges
  • large-pore sponges

2. Processing method used:

  • washed sponges - they are a little firmer and provide exfoliation
  • bleached sponges - heavier processing methods make them softer

Cose della Natura offers four types of sponges based on these two criteria:

  1. Bleached silk sponges: soft and perfect for sensitive skin, as well as the eye area. This type is perfect for make-up removal. It is also available in a baby care version for the little ones. Its high surface weight also makes it the perfect tool for cleansing, particularly demanding skin.
  2. Washed silk sponges: ideal for skin types without any special concerns or for all those who prefer a light, daily peeling effect. Thanks to their resistance, they are particularly recommended for removing masks or scrubs. They massage and stimulate the skin's microcirculation particularly well in the shower.
  3. Bleached honeycomb sponges: extremely soft and massages the skin at the same time. They are ideal for daily cleansing, even when no make-up is worn. The sponges caress the body in the shower and create a generous lather with just a few drops of cleansing lotion.
  4. Washed honeycomb sponges: they are stronger than the bleached version, making it the perfect accessory for removing face masks. Resistant and yet soft at the same time, these sponges are a true luxury accessory for the skin.

Durable & easy to clean

After use, a natural sponge should be rinsed out thoroughly and left to dry in a dry, well-ventilated place. There should be no soap residue left in the sponge, as this would destroy it over time. It is also recommended to soak a sea sponge in warm water with a teaspoon of baking soda overnight every three months to deeply cleanse it - it will look like new again after doing so. However, natural sponges should not be boiled or washed in the washing machine! It is best to replace a sponge after a year of use.

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