Everyday Minerals Makeup

Everyday Minerals Makeup

Everyday Minerals is a make-up company from Austin / Texas that specializes in healthy, sustainable and natural make-up products. The philosophy of company founder Carina Menzies is to create high-quality, yet inexpensive makeup products that enhance the individuality and beauty of women every day in a natural way.

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“Everything you can imagine, nature has already created.”

Albert Einstein

I've been looking for the perfect ballerina pink blush to replace a product from a brand I no longer use, and found not one but three! I bought Cameo, Pink for Flower and Fresh Rose Blossom. Used on their own or in different combinations they add a subtle hint of colour that's not overpowering for my very pale skin. Easy application means the depth of colour is easily manageable. Can't imagine ever using another brand of blush.

It helps me with covering redness and acne spots and scars on my fair skin, much better than the green one, also works for dark circles. Opaque, nice texture and feel on the skin.

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