The Natural Beauty Routine by MaterNatura

The Natural Beauty Routine by MaterNatura

Specially adapted to your hair type

We all crave hair that screams brilliant radiance, but what's even more important is to attain a healthy scalp. Just like the soil nourishes the plants our scalp nourishes and beautifies our hair - when it is kept healthy.

MaterNatura specialises in developing organic hair products that promise the same silky finish as silicone-based products but with formulas based on natural, AIAB-certified and VEGAN OK, silicone-free ingredients to achieve extraordinary results. Currently, MaterNatura offers a total of 11 hair care products that are adapted to the needs of different hair types - and, more new products are planned to be launched soon.

Their organic beauty routines involve approaching each individual hair type and its needs to enhance its natural beauty and promises optimum results each time. The beauty routines are made up of 4 steps:

Step 1: The Basis for your Hair Type

It is essential to free the skin and hair from any sebum, sweat, smog or styling products. At the same time, it is vital to preserve the skin's balance in doing so. Therefore, opt for a shampoo that restores these functions.

Step 2: Treating your Scalp

A balanced scalp is the foundation for beautifully shiny and healthy hair. A noticeable connection exists between the state of the scalp and the state of the hair. If the scalp is not supplied with sufficient moisture it can lead to hair that is dry and brittle or cause flakiness. MaterNatura Floral Water Lotions treat the root of the problem and can be enhanced using functional essential oils.

Step 3: Treating your Hair

Hair masks, conditioners and hair treatments are a must-have when it comes to maintaining a long and luscious mane. They strengthen and improve the structure of the hair whilst providing protection, boost shine and improve hair manageability.

Step 4: Styling

The last step involves styling the hair. The types of styling products used for styling depends on whether the hair is long or short, straight or naturally curly.

Dry hair & scalp: require regenerating care that adds moisture, shine and suppleness to dry, lacklustre hair.

Step 1: Chamomile Shampoo
Step 2: Regenerating Lavender Lotion
Step 3: Sunflower Seeds Restoring Mask

Oily hair & scalp: require a normalising hair routine adapted to thick hair that is prone to greasiness.

Step 1: Cistus Shampoo for Oily hair
Step 2: Normalising Rosemary Lotion
Step 3: Nourishing Hair Fluid with Crocus

Sensitive scalp: requires a balancing treatment if the scalp is prone to itchiness or experiences a burning sensation.

Step 1: Mild Shampoo with Cornflower
Step 2: Rebalancing Orange Blossom Lotion

Limp hair: requires hair care products that stimulate the roots especially if the hair is sparse and experiencing difficulty with growth.

Step 1: Stimulating Shampoo with Ylang Ylang
Step 2: Stimulating Hair Lotion with Olive Leaf

Fine hair: a volumising hair care treatment is best for this type of hair.

Step 1: Magnolia Volume Shampoo
Step 2: Revitalising Rose Lotion
Step 3: Volumising Balm with Helichrysum

Colour-treated hair: is in need of an antioxidant-rich treatment whether the hair has been chemically processed using hair dye or bleach.

Step 1: Borage Shampoo
Step 3: Conditioner with Peony

Coarse hair: an anti-frizz treatment for coarse, unruly hair.

Step 1: Shampoo with Calendula
Step 2: Revitalising Hair Mask with Passionflower
Step 4: Anti-Frizz Hair Shine Fluid with equisetum

Straight hair: requires a straightening treatment to put an end to flat iron use, but is also ideal for wavy or curly hair.

Step 1: Water Lily Shampoo
Step 3: Ginger Blossom Conditioner
Step 4: Bi-phase Fluid with Cactus Pear Blossoms

Normal hair: requires a nourishing treatment for hair that is healthy and shiny.

Step 1: Shampoo with Hibiscus
Step 3: Conditioner with Hibiscus

Baby's hair: requires a mild hair care routine that nourishes the hair.

Step 0: Baby Softening Body oil with oats (this step involves treating the scalp prior to shampooing)
Step 1: BABY Gentle Shampoo & Wash with Flax Flowers
Step 2: Soothing Chamomile Lotion

Men's hair & beards: require targeted treatment for men's hair concerns.

Step 1: TOP MAN 2in1 Baobab Energising Body Wash & Shampoo
Step 3: TOP MAN Hair & Beard Conditioner with Laurel

MaterNatura's beauty routines cover the needs of all kinds of hair and skin types. However, they are versatile and flexible enough to create your very own unique hair care routine. Say, for instance, you have an oily scalp and colour-treated hair. Simply combine steps 1 and 2 for oily hair and step 3 for colour-treated hair. Step 4 involves opting for a styling product that best suits the look that you're going for.

Now you're all set and on your way to gorgeous tresses. The full MaterNatura collection can be found here.