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Phitophilos is the Italian pioneer in plant hair colours - 100% natural products for your hair!

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Phitofilos is one of the first Italian brands that specialised in pure, plant-based hair dyes, hennas and natural hair care. As a result, they have gathered decades of experience: each hair type and hair colour is sure to find their match in the Phitofilos product palette.

The use of plant powders are regarded as an ancient art (Arte d'Erbe) and Phitofilos is leading the way in this area. The brand holds high-quality, resource-friendly cultivation and environmentally sustainable production in high regard. All Phitofilos products are vegan and carry the Vegan OK seal of approval.

The innovative, nourishing and certified organic Vegetall product line is comprised of 3 shampoos and 3 gel-conditioners made up of tinting plant extracts - the extracts prolong colour brilliance. The product line is thus effective, 100% biodegradable and does not result in hazardous waste during the production process - this is something the company is very proud of.

The Phitofilos henna powders are 100% environmentally safe and contain no harmful ingredients. Furthermore, the cultivation of henna creates employment and social stability within these areas. Desertification is curbed as the plants are mainly cultivated at the desert borders.