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Wegwartehof is a small Demeter operation in upper Waldviertel (Austrian Forest District). For 20 years biodynamic agriculture has been administered on about 14 hectares of land. The focus is on the mare's milk production method and the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic herbs.

The vision is to build a livable and lovable future. This idea is marked by careful management of the cultivated soil, the plants and animals as well as the inhabitants. Through careful manual production and processing of mare's milk and herbs, the highest quality of herbal remedies, care and food items are produced.

Wegwartehof does not allow animal testing - thus, the mare's milk care products comply with the highest quality criteria in this regard. Wegwartehof can also be found on the German Animal Welfare Association list.

The mares and their foals live at Wegwartehof in spacious boxes and spend a great part of the day in the pastures. In the morning the foals come together with their counterparts and enjoy running around and playing with one another. During this time, the mares are milked several times by hand. During the afternoon, the foals are taken back to their mothers, where they then graze the day away. The process of milking the mares only takes place once the foals are big enough to fend for themselves.

The production of mare's milk is very expensive. An average mare is able to provide 2 litres of milk per day. If the mare is not in daily contact with her foal, she stops producing milk after a very short period thereafter.

It is a well-known fact at Wegwartehof that healthy horses produce healthy milk. Demeter refers to ecological animal welfare. This means that the state of being and health of the animals plays a very important role. The production of mare's milk may not be optimized but therefore, the milk is of particularly great quality.