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The Demeter certificate is considered the highest quality feature and identifies cosmetics that have been manufactured according to the strictest guidelines. This also applies to their raw materials.

Demeter goes one step further than a typical organic certification and is therefore considered the highest certification level for food and natural cosmetics. Demeter's particularly strict guidelines guarantee that only the best raw materials of the highest quality are used to produce Demeter-certified cosmetics.

In 1927, the Biodynamic Federation Demeter was formed by an association of farmers who worked according to the anthroposophical teachings of Rudolf Steiner. It was and is grown and farmed according to biodynamic guidelines. According to this current of thought, the earth is understood to be a living organism. Only through biodynamic farming can a higher order arise in cultivated plants, which turns them into true foods that are holistically nourishing for living beings (i.e. for body, mind and soul) and therefore have protective effects. In agriculture, great value is also placed on biodiversity and arable farming exclusively in combination with livestock farming.

Excerpts from the extensive Demeter guidelines:

  • At least 95% of the total ingredients must be obtained from organic sources and at least 90% from Demeter production.
  • Only pure & natural plant flavours and extracts of the eponymous plants are permitted
  • Only essential additives (preservation with citric acid is not permitted, as lemon juice can be used instead) may be used.
  • Unnecessary production processes that are harmful to the products (e.g. homogenization of milk) are NOT permitted.