Winter Sun Care

Winter Sun Care

Well protected through the cold season

The days are getting shorter and the sun intensity is dwindling. But although it doesn't shine as consistently in autumn and winter as it does in summer, the UV rays still reach the earth's surface. Sun protection is therefore not limited to summer only - the skin needs to be well protected from UV radiation in winter too.

Whether you're skiing, snowboarding or hiking - your face and lips in particular need sufficient protection from the sun, even during winter. A good sun cream is therefore essential. Even if the sun doesn't feel as warm in winter, the UVB and UVA intensity increases by around 20 per cent for every 100 metres in altitude. This means that the risk of sunburn on a winter day in the mountains is often higher than on a summer holiday at the beach. In addition, snow reflects up to 90 per cent of UV rays so that it also reaches the skin from below and from the sides.

What sun protection factor do I need?

In the snow and the mountains, a sun cream with SPF should be used. In addition, it is particularly important at lower temperatures to use a sun cream that has a low water content to protect the skin from the cold.
Don't forget your lips: They have neither sebaceous glands nor their own sun protection function. Lip moisturiser with UV protection is therefore advisable at any altitude.

How to avoid a greasy sun cream feel in heated spaces

A thick layer of sun cream also protects against the cold - however, the layer of cream is often perceived as very uncomfortable in a warm cabin, as the skin underneath starts to sweat. It is therefore best to remove the layer of cream with a soft cloth and reapply a fresh layer before the next descent.