Lily Lolo's Mini Bronzer: Summer Skin without the Sun!

We all covet the beautiful, warm glow we know that hours in the sun will give us. These days, however, we are smart enough to stay away from those harmful UVB and UVA rays. Thankfully, Lily Lolo has mini bronzers at a mini price- just what you need to shape, warm and show off your face. Today we're looking at the "South Beach" mini bronzer.

Lily Lolo has a reputation for professionalism in the entertainment industry. Make up artists, fans and industry members swear by the wearability, natural ingredients and long lasting colors of this brand. I have had my eye on Lily Lolo's "South Beach" bronzer for a long time now, and like all of the products I've tried, this bronzer did not let me down in the slightest.

For a look at one of Lily Lolo's Mineral Eyeshadows on our blog, see here :)

As you can see from the picture, the "South Beach" bronzer color is a warm, orangey, pinky color.

Although the color appears somewhat intense in the picture, do not fear! The color does not cause an Oompa Loompa effect ;) On my skin it is a warm, uplifting bronze.


  • Tap the bronzer out into the cap like in the picture
  • A little goes a long way, be light handed
  • Using the tip of a slanted brush, swirl the makeup onto the bristles
  • To apply, sweep over your face, then circle to blend

Don't forget!

  • Apply your bronzer all the way out to the edges of your face. No clown makeup for us!
  • Sweep a few lines around your jaw and down your neck to blend and avoid color blocking.
  • A few light sweeps leaves just enough color to avoid harsh lines
  • The bronzer is also great for emphasizing your neck and collarbones- just apply in the hollows

I prefer a slanted brush for applying bronzer- Everyday Mineral's Slanted Blush Brush is absolutely perfect for the job. The slanted bristles catch the mineral powder just at the tip- keeping the application light without losing a lot of the makeup in the bristles.

At just €2,99 each, these bronzer are absolutely perfect for testing the colors, or carrying on the go. They are available in the slightly pinker "Waikiki" and the shimmery powder "Star Dust". Shimmering powders are about to blow up the beauty world! Let us know what you prefer!

For more pictures, instructions and a chance to leave your feedback, see our blog article :)