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Carefree Fun Under The Sun Carefree Fun Under The Sun

A single layer of cream simply does not suffice! We've summarised a few essential tips on how to avoid sunburn and successfully achieve a healthy tan!

Hemp: The Versatile Plant Hemp: The Versatile Plant

For more than 5,000 years, hemp has been used for a wide variety of purposes and is one of the oldest agricultural and ornamental plants in history. Most recently, it has come into the limelight as an active ingredient and source of food. The...

Is There A Link Between Nutrition & Acne? Is There A Link Between Nutrition & Acne?

Is there a link between the food we consume and acne breakouts? Even though the connection between the two was dismissed for years, current research shows that the link does exist. Read more here.

What are Comedogenic Ingredients? What are Comedogenic Ingredients?

The comedogenic effect of a substance indicates how high the likelihood of developing a blemish is when said substance is used. This is particularly important for people with oily or combination skin types.