Tips & Tricks

Hand Hygiene: How-To Hand Hygiene: How-To

The easiest way to protect yourself against bacteria, viruses and germs - with DIY recipes.

Travel Essentials Travel Essentials

Must-have products and beauty bits that should accompany you on your travels for an all-round groomed appearance.

DIY Make-up DIY Make-up

Create your very own "raw beauty inventions" with our DIY make-up ideas for eyeshadows, powders and eyeliners.

After Sun Care Tips and Tricks After Sun Care Tips and Tricks

The more the sun shows its pretty face, the greater our desire is to go outdoors. The sun lifts the mood and is good for the soul. However, it also strains the skin, causing itchiness and tightness. Therefore, after sun care is so important in...

Handmade Home Diffuser Handmade Home Diffuser

Learn how to make your very own diffuser - no toxins, only fragrant scents that'll fill your interior.

Make-Up Stains on Clothes Make-Up Stains on Clothes

How to get rid of make-up stains without having to do laundry? Here we have some natural stain-removal tips that may help you out.