Make-up Tips

Let's talk eyeliner! Let's talk eyeliner!

Did you know that eyeliner can not only be beautiful but can also accentuate and define the eyes - depending on the type and shape? No matter if you have narrow eyes, drooping eyelids or small eyes - the perfect look can be conjured up with eyeliner!

Perfect Makeup with Glasses

Beautiful glasses certainly add to your beauty. At the same time, they are an element that should be considered when applying makeup.

Foundation Guide

When looking for a suitable foundation, the desire is for it to even and balance the complexion without leaving a cakey feel on the skin. What exactly is foundation and how does one find a suitable match? Here are some tips and tricks that might...

Dazzling Christmas Makeup!

It's Christmas! Every year the holiday seems to come faster, and here we are spot in the middle of all the bustle. The lights, the colors, the decorated trees, the stockings, the packages, the quest for the ultimate gift, the last minute rush to...