3 Reasons For Using Natural Cosmetics

3 Reasons For Using Natural Cosmetics

Most people use cosmetic products on the daily, be it moisturisers, shower gels, creams, lotions or even make-up basics and other beauty bits.

But do you really know what's lurking in the formulas that are absorbed into your body every day? Conventional cosmetics often contain problematic ingredients, such as silicones, parabens and micro plastic - only to name a few. None of these substances is acutely life-threatening, however, can adversely affect people and the environment in the long term. The good news is that none of these dubious ingredients is found in natural cosmetics. Let's take a closer look.

1. Better for your health

There are an immense number of body care and cosmetic products on the market today - shower gels and shampoos to creams and lotions, deodorants and make-up. We all use some or even several cosmetic products regularly, and all of these products may contain ingredients that pose a risk to our health because they could enter our bloodstream through the skin.

The most common threats are PEGs, mineral oils and parabens. These are suspected to be carcinogenic.

Natural cosmetics do not contain these substances, therefore, the body is not exposed to the resulting risks when using products based on plant-derived, natural ingredients.

2. Better for the environment

Microplastics are becoming increasingly dangerous. The tiny plastic particles are able to filter into everything and have even been detected in groundwater or in various animal by-products such as milk or honey.

Microplastics are found in many scrubs or oral care products and even in glitter.

The big problem is that sewage treatment plants cannot effectively filter out these small plastic particles. Therefore, they end up in natural waters, i.e. the environment. It is not only bad for animals and plants. Microplastics released in nature also end up on our plates as part of our meal, e.g. when consuming fish (fish often confuse these microplastic particles with food).

The use of microplastics is prohibited in natural cosmetics. Not only are you doing nature a service but also your long-term health.

3. Good for skin and hair

You may have noticed that natural cosmetics, shower gel and shampoo in particular, form less of a lather than conventional cosmetics. As a result, many are of the opinion that these formulas are less effective. Conventional products contain several chemical-based foaming actives. They produce excessive foam that can have a harsh effect on the skin, stripping it of its natural oils resulting in dehydrated skin and can be irritating in the long run. Natural cosmetic products are often more gentle on both the skin and the hair due to the absence of these harsh foaming agents.


Natural cosmetic products are good for your skin and hair and less damaging on the environment. The staggering growth in the availability of natural cosmetics on the market today means that there are an endless number of products to choose from - across all price ranges and suitable for all skin types. Furthermore, the textures, appearance and application of natural cosmetics theses days are becoming more similar to that of conventional cosmetics but without having to experience the negative consequences mentioned above.

Our Ecco Verde team has curated numerous natural cosmetics brands that are listed in our shop. These brands may carry a natural cosmetic certificate or they meet the requirement thereof. The brands that do not carry a natural cosmetics certificate are often the smaller brands that, for example, do not have the budget to become certified.