Carefree Fun Under The Sun

Carefree Fun Under The Sun

The days are getting warmer and sun exposure more intense - suitable sun protection is therefore essential. In addition to sun care advice, we'll equip you with some important tips for enjoying the sun with some peace of mind.

1. Stay hydrated
because exposure to the sun also dehydrates the skin!

2. Never expose yourself to direct sunlight without protection
This applies to children and adults alike. Protect babies and toddlers from direct sunlight: wear protective clothing and use sunscreens with a high protection factor for both babies and toddlers.

3. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen to the skin
Keep in mind that an insufficient quantity of sunscreen reduces the level of protection! 2 mg of sunscreen per square centimetre of the skin surface, corresponds to approximately 3 tablespoons for the body of an adult.

4. Choose a protection factor adapted to your skin type
Particularly sensitive skin or that of children, and fair, untanned skin tones can be damaged after only a few minutes of exposure. So don't hesitate to use a high SPF - your skin will thank you!

5. Lips, ears, nose and neck also need adequate sun protection

6. Avoid exposing yourself to the midday sun between 11 am. and 3 pm.

7. Reapply sunscreen several times a day!
Particularly after swimming and towel-drying the skin. This also applies to water-resistant products. Similarly, reapply sun protection to areas subject to significant friction (the nose when wearing sunglasses, the shoulders due to friction from backpacks, etc.).

8. Use moisture-rich after-sun products after sunbathing
and promote skin regeneration.

9. Always shake sunscreen creams and sprays well before using them!

Which sun protection factor is most appropriate for your individual needs?

Weak protection: up to SPF 10
For very deep skin tones that are not sensitive to the sun, people with dark hair and eyes, and who rarely experience sunburn.

Average protection: SPF 15, 20 or 25
For medium skin tones, people with dark brown hair, skin that is not prone to sensitivity that tans lightly and evenly.

High protection: SPF 30 or 50
Fair skin tones, sensitive skin types, people with fair hair and those who experience sunburn frequently.

Very high protection: SPF 50+

Very fair skin tones, very sensitive skin types, people with red hair and freckles who experience sunburn very frequently, babies and young children.

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