Dazzling Christmas Makeup!

It's Christmas! Every year the holiday seems to come faster, and here we are spot in the middle of all the bustle. The lights, the colors, the decorated trees, the stockings, the packages, the quest for the ultimate gift, the last minute rush to the supermarket to organize dinner and then? Then there is little time to think about how to do your makeup for Christmas dinner or even for the New Year!

Don't panic! Here at Ecco Verde we've come up with some tips for elegant, appropriate make-up so you can focus on your surroundings and not on the mirror! Feel beautiful during the holidays with these quick tips.
We'll focus on the eyes and lips to bring out your holiday best. The classic tricks never fail to impress, but if you want to be a little more daring and surprise a certain someone (under the mistletoe, perhaps?) we recommend using bright colors with a hint of glitter to give that original touch of glamour a little something extra. We'll start with traditional Christmas colors: red, green, gold and silver. White and black are also not to be forgotten, as they are the foundation of makeup use in general, whatever occasion it is. Colors like brown, purple and maroon are also welcome holiday shades, the important thing is to make them pop!

When it comes to glitter, just be careful not to overdo it. A little shine is more than welcome, but there is a fine line between bold and vulgar. Just remember: apply with discerning taste.

To start with, smooth a base over your eyelids. Color correctors, mineral makeup or a drop of foundation are great alternatives to your everyday base. Remember, be careful not to use too much.

Let the base dry for a few seconds, then apply the first color. For a holiday smoky eye, apply a neutral color like a gold, yellow or silver from the inside of your lid outward. Smooth the color on from one corner of your eye to the other.

Next, apply a highlight color and spread it outwards, drawing a small curve just over the crest of your eyelid (just follow the natural arch of the eye). For this step is best to use light or shimmery colors, like a light gold, silver, ivory or white. Keep a light hand and choose a color that brings out your eye color and shows off your eyeshadow. For example, if you chose a red eyeshadow and are looking for glamour, apply a light gold or silver as your highlight color. If you have chosen a green power, lean towards ivory or silver. Try not to choose strong colors for both shades or you risk looking heavy handed.

Lastly, finish with a dark mascara and line the inside of the eye with black pencil. Add a bit of glitter to either the inside or outside corners of your eyes for a little sparkle. A little imagination goes a long way!

What are the right colors to bring out which color eye?

My advice is to follow a few general rules: those who have green eyes should favor warm colors like bronze, gold or brown and should avoid red or green. Those with blue eyes can use gold and silver, and should be careful with red as it can be overpowering. For those who have dark eyes, shades like red, green, gold and bronze have a nice effect.

If you have small eyes, it is best not to apply eye liner inside the eyelid, as it could make the eye look even smaller. Just smooth your eye liner outside of the curve of your lower lid to make it look larger.

Since your eyes are your focal point, don't worry too much about the rest of your face. Let them shine alone, or highlight them with lipstick, but don't go all out. Save that for nightclub occasions!

A hint of foundation, a light touch of blush, and a lipstick in a complimentary color are the perfect balance. If you choose a red eyeshadow, consider a plum or red lip. If you opted for brown or gold, try a neutral or beige lip color. If you chose green, go with a simple lip gloss to add shine to your natural lip color.

Lining your lips with pencil is also an option, even if you just go neutral. Line, then brush your lipstick over your lips, starting from the middle of your upper lip downwards on each side. Finish with one solid swoop over your bottom lip. For added punch, add a touch of clear gloss to set the color.

If you want to add additional glamour, match your accessories to one of the colors of your makeup. Proper accessorizing is always synonymous with elegance, fashion, and taste. Follow your instincts :)

The photos included in this post include a few products that can be used for these kinds of makeup tricks! Makeup is fun and easy, and you really don't need to be an expert to look fabulous, just a little imagination and creativity!

With these tips, I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and a great start to the new year. On behalf of all the staff at Ecco Verde, Happy Holidays!!

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