Reusable Period Care Products

Reusable Period Care Products

Eco-friendly period care product alternatives

The search for sustainable period care products is on the rise. More and more women are leaning towards alternatives for conventional sanitary towels and tampons. Why? The answer becomes clear when one calculates the number of cycles women have in their lifetime (about 500 cycles) and how much waste is produced during this time (an average of 17 000 tampons, panty liners or pads).

The main reason for switching to reusable period care products is to avoid waste. The product itself ends up in the garbage and even in the water. What's more, the additional outer packaging leads to additional waste meaning even more waste accumulates over the years.

There are many alternatives on the market today: menstrual cups, menstrual sponges, period underwear or even reusable pads and panty liners. The brand masmi uses this approach to develop reusable period care products with their series of Reuse products. The product line includes fabric pads and panty liners as well as period wear. The reusable items can be washed up to 100 times without losing their absorptive properties. These reliable alternatives mean that you save money on period care products in the long run.

Let's take a closer look at masmi's product range:

Much like fabric diapers for babies, pad and panty liners made from fabric, as well as period wear are particularly environmentally friendly. They can be washed and then reused again and again resulting in zero disposable waste. Is it hygienic to wash and reuse period care products? Yes, it is! It is safe to reuse period care products made of fabric after pre-treating them and then washing them at temperatures between 60°C and 90°C (underwear 40°C). This ensures hygienic cleanliness.

Washable pads and the like are remarkably breathable compared to conventional period care items. In addition, the fabric products are made entirely without chemicals, fragrances or other plastics. This is a significant advantage since a women's intimate area - including the vaginal flora - is very sensitive and the risk of irritation occurring is higher when exposed to artificial substances, resulting in itching or fungal infections to name a few. Fabric variants are also more comfortable to wear. No discomfort, no plastic, no glue: soft wings and snaps ensure the perfect fit.

What are the masmi reusable period care products made of?

1. Top layer: certified organic cotton (GOTS). This material is in direct contact with the intimate area.

2 . Absorbent layer: 3D fabric made of certified organic cotton. This layer has a high absorptive capacity and is breathable.

3. Leakproof layer: the bottom layer is also made of certified organic cotton paired with a very thin polyurethane laminate inner core. The laminate is waterproof but breathable at the same time. It provides leakproof protection yet releases condensation moisture from the body.

The pairing of different layers ensures reliable protection, a highly absorptive core and leakproof properties.

The masmi reusable product range at a glance:

Overall, alternative period care products are in no way inferior to conventional products. As mentioned, switching from standard pads and tampons to reusable products is sure to be a change and requires a new routine throughout your period. However, in the long run, environmentally friendly alternatives are well worth it. For the love of your health, the environment and your wallet.

A little tip for making the switch if you're still unsure: the washable products by masmi are definitely perfect towards the end of your period when experiencing light flow. Incorporate reusable products into your cycle to ease yourself into a new routine.

All masmi reuse products at a glance.