Shaving Tips & Tricks

Shaving hair when the skin is wet is the most simple and straightforward hair removal method, which is the reason why it is so popular. Here are a few tips tricks to ensure a smooth shave.

Using shaving as your hair removal method of choice is easy and quick. However, it does entail having to shave on an almost daily basis. On the upside, it is a pain-free method that can be executed without much preparation. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure the perfect shave.

  • Preparation is key. This includes cleansing the skin. Remove dirt and oils with the help of a mild shower gel, preferably under the shower. This ensures that the hair becomes wet therefore softer and easier to remove.
  • Shaving cream or a shaving cream alternative is a necessity. This is why: Firstly, a shaving cream will moisturise the skin. Let the product absorb into the skin. Wetting the skin dampens the skin, however, it also evaporates rather quickly. Shaving cream and the like retain moisture and also hold the hair upright which makes shaving easier. Look out for shaving foams that have a finely pored texture. This will increase the "slip" when shaving. Skin irritation and cuts will become infrequent while increasing the lifespan of blades. At Ecco Verde we offer a range of product that will facilitate a smoother shave such as the shaving block, universal shaving cream as well as shaving creams that are moisturising and luxurious
  • Replace the blades regularly. Old and worn out blades will only hinder the shaving result.
  • Shaving against your hair growth or not? There is no across-the-board answer to this question. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. Shaving in the direction of hair growth will prevent skin damage but will result in the regrowth being more noticeable. Doing the opposite i.e. shaving against the direction of hair growth will cut the hairs near to their roots, resulting in a smoother shave and longer period between noticing any regrowth. However, choosing the latter method puts more strain on the skin. The bikini zone is a bit more tricky because the direction of hair growth cannot be clearly determined. Therefore it is recommended to shave in both an upward and downward motion. Note: the more a specific area is shaved, the more irritated the skin in that area will become. This can be counteracted by applying a small amount of shaving cream to the area between each glide. 
  • Once all the hair is removed, it is important to get rid of any residues. This is easily achieved by rinsing the area with cold water. By doing so, the pores are locked. Dab the skin dry, most importantly, moisturise. Moisturising the skin after shaving soothes it and prevents skin irritations from arising.