Weleda Cactus Pear Product Line

Weleda Cactus Pear Product Line

Cactus pear belongs to the cactus family. This means that this plant, like all cacti, is a true survivor. Cactus pear is found in North and South America as well as in the Caribbean. They are valuable crops in these areas, being used for salads or as a vegetable - similar to cucumber.

Over time, the tree-like plant has learned to store a lot of moisture at a rapid pace, even in extremely dry climates. In order to do so, the plant needs a lot of water-binding ingredients. These ingredients happen to be very good for our skin. Weleda extracts these precious substances and incorporate them into their own line of face care products.

Ingredients that are highly effective at retaining water

These highly effective substances are primarily polysaccharides, i.e. carbohydrates that occur in the sprouts in the form of mucilage. The specific polysaccharides of the prickly pear now have excellent water-binding properties.

Weleda has developed their own manufacturing process for the extraction of these ingredients, which is now patented. The new face care products:

  • contain 100% natural extract derived from organic cactus pear.
  • are rich in water-binding polysaccharides.
  • scientifically proven to provide lasting moisture.
  • strengthen the skin's barrier function, which means that moisture is locked into the skin.
  • have soothing properties.
  • are light and refreshing.

The ideal skincare line for those that are looking to supply their skin with lasting and abundant moisture without the heaviness of using extremely rich oils and creams.

For more biodiversity

The raw materials used for the production of the cactus pear extract are sourced from Mexico. Weleda is careful to use only high-quality, organically grown raw materials. Sustainability is also ensured by the fact that the plants naturally require little water - after all, water is becoming more and more valuable. In addition, the raw materials for Weleda are produced using little energy. The pieces of cacti are simply dried in the sun. A transparent supply chain and the focus on the promotion of biological diversity round off the measures taken by Weleda for increased biodiversity.

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