Hydrolates - The More Delicate Essential Oil

Hydrolates, also referred to as floral water, are not as well-known as their closely related essential oils. It's a pity really since they are as effective as essential oils.

What is a hydrolate?

A hydrolate is formed when essential oils are steamed distilled. During this process, all fat-soluble and fleeting plant ingredients form a concentrate in oil. Plants, however, also contain several water-soluble components that are left behind in the distilled water, i.e. hydrolate.

Why are hydrolates not more popular?

In the past hydrolates were seen as waste material that is formed during the making of precious essential oils. Today, we know better - hydrates have a similar effect to the essential oils that they are derived from.

What are the effects of hydrolates?

These floral waters are as effective as their oilier equivalents, in a slightly milder way. Thus, hydrolates are perfect for those with sensitive skin, babies, pregnant women or if you are following a long-term skincare treatment.

What to note when purchasing hydrates?

It is vital to look at the quality of these essences. Only purchase hydrolates from manufacturers that you trust.

Hydrolates are more susceptible to germs than essential oils, therefore when storing them, it is essential to keep them in a cool and dark place where the temperature is kept constant. A tip: the risk of oxygen entering the product is reduced when it is equipped with a spray attachment.

Why does my hydrolate have a milky colour? Has it become rancid?

Milky or cloudy concentrations are not a sign of a low-quality product. On the contrary, this has to do with how the hydrolate was derived during production. These cloudy concentrations contain more active ingredients than their clearer counterparts.

What can hydrolates be used for?

Hydrolates can be used in a variety of ways. We have listed a few ways how these floral waters can be applied:

  • Compressors: to treat irritations, sports injuries, sunburn or small wounds.
  • Inhalation: Certain hydrolates can be used for inhalation when one suffers from bronchitis.
  • Consumption: Hydrolates can be consumed when following a particular row of treatments. However, these first need to be diluted in water using the appropriate ratios.
  • Flavouring meals: Floral waters possess beautiful fragrances and can lend your meals that certain "je ne sais quoi".
  • Room fragrancing: Much like essential oils, hydrolates can be used to fragrance living or office spaces or place a few drop into your diffuser.

Floral waters are perfectly suited as a facial toner or after-shave, but also as an ingredient incorporated into homemade cosmetics.

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