It's Time For Change: 10 Reasons To Use A Menstrual Cup

It's Time For Change: 10 Reasons To Use A Menstrual Cup

The changeover to new products, especially when it comes to personal care products, can be daunting at times. In such cases, a little added persuasion may be necessary to make the switch. We have compiled 10 reasons to throw out conventional tampons and sanitary towels and, instead, opt for the natural, and safer, solution: menstrual cups.

1. They're comfortable

Once you've gotten the hang of it, you'll never look back! Thanks to the flexible material, the menstrual cup is able to adapt to your body, ensuring a secure fit and will not move an inch. Of course, the transition from conventional tampons and sanitary towels can be odd, but looking back, it wasn't very different when these now customary personal hygiene items first appeared on the scene.

2. Protect the Vaginal Flora

Oftentimes tampons can contain chemicals such as glue, perfume or even bleach. The result: irritation, dryness and allergic reactions may occur. Not only is the blood absorbed but the natural and vital vaginal secretions that the body produces. Unlike conventional tampons, menstrual cups are composed of 100% medical-grade silicone, a material that poses no harm to the human body. The blood is collected in the silicone cup while its surroundings are left undisturbed and pH level maintained.

3. No more spills

Another disadvantage to using tampons is that once the absorption capacity is reached any excess blood can no longer be absorbed and thus stains the clothing. When used correctly, the menstrual cup forms a vacuum suction that grips the walls of the vagina which prevents any leakage. If, however, the menstrual cup does leak you may be using an incorrect size or the menstrual cup has not been inserted correctly.

4. Protects the environment

On average, a woman uses approximately 11 000 disposable tampons and/or sanitary items in her lifetime. This results in a ton of waste. In contrast, one single menstrual cup can last for up to 10 years when used correctly.

5. Money saver

Not only does the use of menstrual cups protect the environment but they are absolute money savers too! As previously mentioned, one menstrual cup, when used correctly, lasts for up to 10 years.

6. One menstrual cup is the equivalent of 3 super-absorbent tampons

That's right: one menstrual cup has the capacity to collect three times the amount of liquid when compared to a super-absorbent tampon. Therefore, the cup can be in use for up to 12 hours at a time.

7. The ideal travel buddy

The menstrual cup makes travelling a breeze especially when sanitary facilities are nowhere near or travelling by aeroplane just does not provide the needed space.

8. Sports

Sports enthusiasts and athletes will love this: once the menstrual cup is inserted correctly and the vacuum suction has taken effect, the cup is not noticeable. Thus sporting activities such as swimming, yoga or jogging are a breeze. Unlike tampons, other bacteria are not absorbed either.

9. Peaceful sleep

Much like cruising through your sporting activities, you're sure to have a peaceful rest because the menstrual cap will stay put no matter how much you wiggle in your sleep.

10. Invisible protection

Because the menstrual cup is inserted into the vaginal and stays put there, you need not worry about annoying tampon strings dangling about when out at the beach or the like.

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