Sweating: Physical Changes During Puberty

Sweating: Physical Changes During Puberty

How to combat unpleasant odour


Puberty is a natural stage in life that we all experience. However, the time at which it generally occurs has changed from what it was 150 years ago. Back then, girls, on average, had their first menstrual period at the age of 16.6. According to studies, the average age today lies at 12.3 years. Some girls get their first period as early as the age of 10. For most teenagers, puberty ends by the age of 15. In the past, puberty hadn't even started at this age. In some cases, the hormonal changes in the body begin as early as the age of 8. This is referred to as prepuberty.

Important factors for shifting the age at which the onset of puberty occurs are nutrition, hygiene and better health in general. Environmental toxins can also influence the body's hormone system. It is known, for example, that chemicals such as bisphenol-A have an effect on the sex hormone oestrogen, which can trigger puberty.

Puberty and sweating

Sweating is a normal bodily function. Our body is cooled down via the so-called eccrine sweat glands which produce sweat. This protects us from overheating.

The hormonal changes during puberty also affect the sweat glands. Even the slightest unpleasant situation, stress or nervousness will cause a pubescent body to sweat. This is because the sweat glands are triggered more frequently during puberty and the body produces more adrenaline.

But we also possess another type of sweat gland called apocrine. They only become active with the onset of puberty. These glands initially produce an odourless secretion. The decomposition of the skin's own microorganisms then gives rise to body odour.

How to combat unpleasant odour

Proper personal hygiene is one of the most efficient ways to keep unpleasant odours at bay. This includes daily cleansing and regularly changing clothing that is in direct contact with the skin.

Additional precautions are recommended to prevent unpleasant situations from becoming a reality. The use of safe deodorants helps to prevent unpleasant odours from developing in the first place.

Deodorants by youfreen for boys and girls

The vegan and aluminium-free youfreen deodorants for girls and boys have a mild formula enriched with organic aloe vera that cares for the skin. The plant-based active ingredient complex ensures that unpleasant odours do not develop. Instead, the skin takes on a fresh scent, even during sports and everyday stress - without the pugent, artificial scent that many conventional formulas have. Natural safety without ifs and buts.

The secret to these high-quality deodorants: natural ingredients of the highest quality combined with an innovative natural formula.

The effective active ingredients

  • regulate the microflora while protecting the skin barrier
  • prevent the formation of odour-causing bacteria in a natural way
  • neutralise odours that have already developed

More than 80 % of the total ingredients are sourced from controlled organic agriculture. The main component found in the deodorants is organic aloe vera, which is valued for its soothing effect. Even irritated and sensitive skin types are optimally cared for. The skin remains soft and can continue to breathe.

The fragrance composition is based on fruity aromas. These are derived from purely plant-based ingredients without the inclusion of any artificial fragrances. youfree worked together with young girls and boys during the selection process. After all, who could judge the fragrances better than the target group?

Tried and tested

The deodorants were tested for skin tolerance on sensitive, normal skin types and even skin prone to atopic dermatitis under dermatological supervision. The result: none of the users showed any significant reaction to the products. Thus, they are classified as being well tolerated by the skin.

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