URTEKRAM - Nearly 50 Years of Natural Cosmetics

URTEKRAM - Nearly 50 Years of Natural Cosmetics

This week, we're showcasing the Danish brand URTEKRAM, a natural cosmetics brand that has been focusing on sustainability for nearly half a century.

URTEKRAM: It's all in the name

URTEKRAM is a name full of meaning:

  • URTE is the Danish word for "herbs" and is therefore representative of the many plant ingredients used in the brand's product formulas.
  • KRAM refers to the origins of the company, a small health food shop featuring herbs and natural foods located in Copenhagen. The word KRAM also means "warm hug" in Danish.

Backed by almost 50 years of experience

URTEKRAM's success story began in 1972 when "Urtekræmmer" (an old term used to describe a merchant selling herbs and spices) was founded in Copenhagen. It was a kind of health food store, in which the idea of eco-friendliness, sustainability, organic and fair trade quality prevailed. It was extremely innovative at the time because very few people were focused on these concepts.

Success quickly followed and the demand became so great that in 1989 the company moved to Danish Nodjutland to produce its own products, where it is still located to this day.

URTEKRAM is one of the best known manufacturers of spices, food and cosmetics in Scandinavia. Today, approximately 140 employees produce the brand's skin, hair and oral hygiene products.

Natural cosmetics

URTEKRAM natural cosmetics are of exceptional high quality.

All URTEKRAM cosmetics are certified by the Vegan Society and are therefore guaranteed without ingredients of animal origin such as beeswax. In addition, they also comply with one of the strictest organic certifications in the cosmetic industry, the COSMOS ORGANIC standard by Ecocert. This standard stipulates that at least 98% of the ingredients must be of natural origin. URTEKRAM often exceeds this standard whereby 100% of the ingredients incorporated in the formulas are of natural origin.

Of course, due to strict and self-imposed guidelines, products are also free from:

  • parabens
  • silicones
  • mineral oils
  • synthetic dyes, perfumes and preservatives

Throughout the production process, URTEKRAM places great importance on respecting the environment, people and nature.

Durable bioplastic packaging

In addition to natural and sustainable ingredients, URTEKRAM has been offering an alternative to conventional packaging for some time. The packaging housing 85% of the product range is now composed of plant-based raw materials.

This is waste resulting from the advanced processing of sugar cane. This waste, which is otherwise no longer used, becomes the basis of "plant-based plastics", through various processing methods. The packaging can therefore be recycled.

The use of this plant-based plastic is a planet-friendly alternative because there is, so to speak, an inverted "greenhouse effect". One tonne of sugarcane absorbs about two tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. Since it is also processed waste, there is no impact on food production. URTEKRAM works hard to modify the packaging of its entire range.

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