Solid Shampoo or Hair Soap - What's The Difference?

Solid Shampoo or Hair Soap - What's The Difference?

At last, we can say farewell to bottled shampoos thanks to the evergrowing selection of minimally packaged, solid alternatives that get the job done. However, it is not always easy to find one's bearings when sifting through the different product labels. Generally, natural cosmetic producers do not differentiate between the product types, classifying all their shampoo alternatives as "solid shampoos". There is a distinct difference between solid shampoos and hair soaps. Let's take a closer look.

Solid Shampoos

Solid shampoos are the eco-friendly version of conventional liquid shampoos. Their composition is similar to that of their liquid counterparts with the distinct difference that the water component has been removed. These shampoos consist of various surfactants, oils, perfumes and colourants which work well to form a lather similar to that of liquid shampoos. One bar of solid shampoo is the equivalent of two liquid shampoo. The pH value of solid shampoos is generally equal to that of the skin and the solid version has the advantage that it will not spill out in your luggage while travelling.

Hair Soaps

Hair soaps are what the name suggests: soaps that cleanse the hair. They are manufactured by saponifying oils and fats with lye. These products have an alkaline pH value, therefore, it is advised to follow up with a so-called acid rinse after shampooing. An acidic rinse entails using a water-vinegar or water-lemon juice solution to rinse the hair.

The acidic rinse has several benefits: it seals the hair follicle, encourages shine and prevents limescale buildup. Simply dilute one tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice in one litre of water. The ready-made solution, Acidic Hair Rinse with Rose Geranium by Maternatura, can be found in-store at Ecco Verde.

These days, more and more manufacturers are opting to produce hair soaps and solid shampoos in numerous variations targeted toward individual hair types, in a selection of fragrance blends and for a number of hair concerns. Whilst hair soaps have more simple formulations, solid shampoos have the advantage of not requiring an acidic rinse after use. Therefore, the latter is the best pick when transitioning from conventional liquid shampoos to the eco-friendlier alternative.

Now that we've established the difference between the two cleansers we'll leave you with a few product usage tips:

Solid shampoos are practical, compact, light-weight, economical and space-saving alternatives. Simply create a lather in the palms of your hands and apply the cleanser to wet hair, massaging the scalp to cleanse or rub the shampoo bar directly on the scalp. Only a small amount is needed.

It is essential to store solid shampoos and hair soaps on a soap dish to dry well. Do not leave them in puddles of water. They are ideal for travel - just place the product in a soap dish or other container when dry, slip them in your carry-on or suitcase and you're good to go!

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