Puffiness & Dark Circles Be Gone?!

Dark circles or puffiness is often a sign of tiredness and fatigue, not having gotten the optimal sleep requirement. This can be one of many reasons as to why dark circles and puffiness occur. 

For puffiness and dark circles are attributed to two different phenomena around the eye region.

Puffiness refers to the fat accumulation caused by a disturbed lymph flow, whereas dark circles arise when fluid accumulates around the eyes, which in turn leads to discolouration in this region.

These phenomena arise due to the special skin properties around the area of the eye. The skin under the eyes is indeed three times thinner than the rest of the skin on the face and six times thinner than that of body skin. Therefore, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive.

Puffiness or bags under the eye can be caused by lack of sleep and exercise, the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, or a sign of illness. However, age plays a role due to the fact that with time the muscles and connective tissues lose their elasticity.

There is not much one can do to improve the appearance of dark circles. Bags under the eyes, on the other hand, can be lessened by incorporating the following:

  • Cooling agents such as ice cubes, cooled tea bags or slices of cucumber can counteract puffiness. Simply place your preferred cooling agent on the area of the skin and let it work its magic for about 20 minutes. 
  • Increase the intake of water. This helps fight puffiness and benefits your overall health. 
  • Reducing your salt intake can lead to a reduction in puffiness under the eyes. 
  • Getting enough sleep is important for the body. Lack of sleep forms puffiness under the eyes.
  • Potato slices on the eyes: The catecholase contained in the potatoes is also commonly used as an ingredient in skincare products.
  • Massaging the skin under the eyes can lead to an improved appearance. Simply use two fingers to gently massage this area, with circular movements. 
  • Currently very trendy: Yotox. This is yoga for the face. On the internet, you will find an array of different exercises that will help against dark circles and puffiness.