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khadi, a well-known Indian brand, combines modern natural cosmetics and Ayurveda. Highest expertise and care for your beauty!


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khadi cosmetics is a high-quality, certified natural range of products based on Ayurvedic naturopathy. This expanding selection is developed in collaboration with Ayurvedic doctors, and produced, in India. Khadi offers an extensive range of body and hair care products, including natural hair dyes.

The basic meaning of the word "khadi" refers to cloths or textiles of the finest making and textures handmade in India's rural areas. Today, Khadi is synonymous with fair trade, organic cosmetics - caressing the skin and hair with the help of excellent ingredients.
Khadi makes it possible to consolidate the social and economic situation of many villages makes a contribution to the fight against poverty and child labour - the children of producers and farmers cannot go to school.

khadi's principles are as follows:

  • No testing on animals of products or ingredients.
  • No mineral oils. No synthetic or artificial colours.
  • Herbs are handpicked from the wilderness or organically grown.
  • Packaging is kept to a basic minimum.
  • No child labour is involved